How To Start Writing Compare And Contrast Essay

Getting to know how to start  a compare and contrast essay is an important skill in academic writing. As a student, you are more likely to encounter different kinds of writing essay assignments during school-life. These assignments have their requirements. The most common one is “compare and contrast essay.” Some students say that writing this essay is hard because you need to keep in mind two subjects, unlike other essays. You must think critically and look at topics from a different point of view. We don’t completely disagree. However, writing compare and contrast essay papers shouldn’t be that challenging to you with little help.

What Is A Compare And Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay is an academic paper used for analyzing two different subjects to identify their differences and similarities. It involves taking two or more subjects and examines the differences and similarities.

For your paper to hook the target audience, you must have a good start. However, are you wondering how to start a compare and contrast essay?  Get this? You first need to understand the purpose of the essay. The main idea of writing a compare and contrast essay is to identify two subjects you would like to compare. First of all, it may seem a simple task to undertake. It is not just about similarities and differences. One more thing to consider when writing compare and contrast essay is the right choice of the topic.

Effective Tips: How To Start Writing Compare And Contrast Essay

The start of any academic paper plays a significant role in its success. Therefore, you are supposed to do the following for the effective start of an essay.

  • Introduce the subject: You are not supposed to go into contrast subject from the first line. So, it is important that you explain to the audience why you have selected the subjects. It would help if you start your essay with a strong introduction that catches the reader’s attention and clearly describes the subject. For instance, when starting this essay, it is important to start with a question that you will respond to in your work and fact that will attract the reader.
  • Write a good thesis: It is worth noting that the most important idea of the whole paper should be expressed in the thesis. A thesis is a single sentence which informs the audience on the content of the paper. The thesis should be hooking and informative. In this paper, the thesis should bring in the aspect of compare and contrast.
  • Further;
  • Try to be creative: make sure you are as original as possible in your work. For instance, hook readers by asking about two questions on each subject. You can also apply this in your thesis statement in your introduction.
  • Include some humor and facts: in the introduction section, you are supposed to offer contrast and compare the essay outline. The outline will give your readers a complete understanding of the topic. It is also integral to provide a brief overview, to begin with, a story or uses a provocative statement in the introduction.
  • Write a quote from a famous person: your paper will be more solid if you include a quote of the famous person. Normally, people are interested in the views of a respectable regarding the subject. The strategy will help you solidify the essay.
  • Offer a solid argument for your position: you are more likely to attract a reader’s attention when you argue a known fact of the subject. For this reason, you are supposed to research and have a wide overview of the subject. With extensive research, you will be able to argue using common facts.

How Do You Present The Subjects?

After selecting the most appropriate way to hook a reader, move to the next stage. You must manage how the reader wants to learn about the subject. It is crucial to share some useful and interesting information on both subjects. In this case, you can tell a story about the subject you have selected for comparison. Usually, try to be as an object as possible and shun emotions. However, you are not supposed to focus on a single subject and ignore the other. This is because both subjects are important for the study.

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Final remarks

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