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How To Write A Review Paper: Your Academic Paper

In this article you are going to learn how to write a review paper step by step. In the end as student you should be able to write a perfect review.

What Is a Review Paper

Knowing well how to write a review paper test how well a writer can synthesize, analyze and contribute or respond to the ideas written by another author. This creates an understanding of the subject by clearly discussing the findings of the topic in current contexts. Also, this paper depends on several primary journals to create a coherent argument on a topical perspective. To write this paper one should consider various issues such as the topic, and the length of the journal.  The reason is that your knowledge on the scope of the subject will help you include a critical discussion of the author’s ideas. The author’s journal’s length also shows how much you can write in response to what the author has explored. We offer the best review papers on any topic. In case you need one contact us on this online platform to get one custom for you.

Steps To Write A Review Paper

  • Analyze the journal’s research aim
  • Understand your scope
  • Research articles to evaluate
  • Note down the title, keywords and other relevant words that can help in the analysis.
  • Write down the abstract.
  • Introduce the topic providing relatable views
  • Write a critical discussion comparing the author’s views with other journals.
  • Summarize the discussion with an informative conclusion

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The Paper Structure

Cover page

Your paper must have a title page because it shows what you are to review. This section also includes your name, the professor’s name, institutional affiliation and the date. The title page has specific instructions depending on the writing style you choose. For instance, in MLA style, the pages must have your surname and the page number on the header of each page. As mentioned, each style has its unique requirements; therefore, you must pay attention to the style recommended.


This part needs you to write a brief summary of your review. This part should only include the most important points of your review. In simple terms, this is a preview of what you are going to discuss. The abstract must be great because it is what attracts a person to read through your discussion. It must only contain factual information well addressing the subject matter. This is what makes the reader decide to read your article or ignore it.


The introduction must set the topic in motion. All the background information must be addressed in this sector and should be specific to the topic. It should also address all the unfamiliar terms that may be used in the following paragraphs while explaining in depth the scope of the discussion and the aim of writing the review in general. Additionally, the introduction must give the reason for your review and its relevance to the discussion. Moreover, it should also have a thesis as the last sentence in the introduction to tell what you intend to prove in the review.

Discussion paragraphs

This section is the body of the paper. The discussion contains an in depth analysis and assessments of different journals to support the thesis. The paragraphs can be as many as possible depending on the instructions given and the scholarly articles in the discussion. In this section, you are allowed to take any format, but there are ways that you should follow to create a body paragraph.

  • Analyze, synthesize, interpret.

Consider a critical analysis of each supporting journal to help establish a clear thesis. Examine each of the articles you wish to write about and retrieve substantial points that can justify your rationale.

  • Avoid summary

This section is not about summarizing articles. Instead, you should examine and retrieve information that may be relevant to support your thesis. Summarizing articles makes the paper ambiguous and irrelevant in this context because it is about justifying a point which is your thesis.

  • Give credit to the author.

When reviewing a paper, consider giving credit to the author by examining the relevant ideas discussed in the journal, the research methodologies, and the research findings. You can compare their results with other research on the same topic to prove that they all got the same findings. If their findings are contrary, use other journals to prove a point.

  • Connect all your discussion to the thesis

Your discussion must flow with your thesis to fulfil the objectives of the review. The thesis should always illustrate your reason for the preview and match your discussion consistently throughout the paper. To achieve this, organize your points to flow subsequently to avoid the disconnect that may weaken the points reinforcing your rationale.


An excellent conclusion should provide a brief summary of the discussions in the body paragraphs. Consequently, it should illustrate the connection between the major points discussed in the body paragraphs and the thesis. You can also add the conclusions you have arrived at after the critical analysis of the topic. This paper allows you to state areas that need further investigations and points that have been excellently justified in the article. Jot down the significance of the article to a real-life situation as discussed in the paper. Avoid introducing information not addressed in the report.


All the used journals must be cited on the last page of the paper. Remember to include some in-text citations within the paper as the writing style commands. For an MLA writing style consider citing in text starting with the author’s last name and the page number, the quotation or the paraphrase was retrieved. This can be cited as (Kaufman, p. 3).

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Advantages Of Writing A Review Paper

  • It makes you share your discoveries with another party.
  • Enhances your research skills.
  • Helps you develop speed in writing.
  • Enhances your critical thinking skills.
  • Introduces you to the world of research.
  • Continuous writing increases your proficiency in writing and the likeness to develop a norm of proofreading your papers.
  • It exposes you into the different dynamics of writing and research in general.

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