How To Write A 500-Words Essay Quickly

This is a guide on how to write 500 word essay. It guides you on how to create an outline for such essays, types of essays and the structure to be adhered to.

How To Write A 500-Words Essay

For high school and college students, writing a 500 words essay is inevitable. They account for 50% of the assignments done in their school years. This essay is an important piece of writing that describes the writer’s rationale on a particular topic. Many people ask how many pages is 500 words, or how long is 500 words. The answer is 1 page single spaced and 2 pages double spaced. This essay makes the professor able to test your skills to review, synthesize and write a specific subject without including any unnecessary information.

Some Of The Essays That Can Be Written In 500-Words Essay Include;

The 500 word essay is short in length. Therefore, it tells on the critical, analytical and writing skills. This essay should be exactly 500 words or 10% more but not less than the number of words given. Putting all your thoughts to a summary can be hard, but it is doable. All you need to do is follow the following instructions.

  • Get a thesis for the topic in discussion.

For instance, if the topic you are writing on is “Does the internet erode morals”, you can make a thesis and write “The assimilation of cultures and standards on the internet has made the internet the lethal destructor of morals”. The thesis should be precise to avoid over explanation, which may result in overwriting.

  • Research for journals that support this thesis.

For a short essay like this one, settle for fewer journals to use probably three to avoid over explanation, which could result in more words than the given.

  • Write the introduction.

Firstly, it should be interesting, precise and addressing the subject well. In this case, you could write, “The development of technology has made online interactions a necessity. While this interaction provides access to the world outside our own, it has proven problematic in terms of moral erosion. The society is now the determinant of morals because the “coolest” becomes the order of the day. Even though the “coolest” may be the worst, it goes through the system faster than electricity.

People are allowing cultures, behaviors, characteristics and reasoning that is clear to the expected good. Therefore, this has made the it a lethal destructor of morals”. If our introduction is specifically 101 words. Therefore, the body paragraphs and the conclusion should have 399 words.

  • Formulate the body paragraphs.

For this short essay, the body paragraphs with be six lines, and each should be three to four paragraphs in total. This includes the conclusion. The body paragraphs should provide great support for the thesis. Together, they should maintain the flow of the essay.

For an essay, writing on all areas of the topic is good since it shows the writer’s knowledge of the different angles of the topic. Note; use this method for all essays except argumentative because this type of essay requires you to justify one specific point of view. The body paragraphs could be like this;

Technology is dictating our lives. With the continuous use of smartphones, the society has started to have its universal principles such as the need to check on updates, loss of privacy and minimal social contact.

As time passes, we have lost empathy, compassion, justice and responsibility. This has been replaced with greed, self satisfaction, pride and inhumanity. We have learned to allow new and reject old, and this has made us even push our loved ones away. With this, many suffer by the hands of the people they hoped loved them back all to fit within these norms.

What else?

According to X (2020), (only use this for APA citations), the internet creates the rules. Through these, people use the freedom to share ideas that promote moral rot. Vaping is one of the smoking styles that got momentum.

Although it is medically unfit to smoke, the interest made it look fun and an exciting activity for every young and old to try. With time, 12 million people globally vape daily. Among this population, 3 million people under the age of 16 years can access this product within the black markets to satisfy their craving, and the chain continues.

It is not a philosophical argument that makes vaping alarming, but the fact that the internet provides a medium for it to travel fast. This increases the initiations and the consumption rate among people of tender age. The change in behavior among the young and the old people is what makes technology an evil to the preservation of morals. While it makes lives better, including the provision of jobs for online content creators, the danger it exposes to the public is high.

Body paragraphs account for 295 words.

Write a conclusion

Technology came as a savior from the traditional systems of doing things. Things like one on one meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings which are efficient are reliable. However, this has lowered the standards of ethics because selflessness is no longer a virtue within society.

This generation has become a copy paste because every trending thing like cyberbullying, doing drugs and sexual crimes continue to be accepted within these standards. As long as they are shown to be good, we are quick follow without asking or excessing self control. Thus, the internet erodes the traditional moral standards (conclusion 105 words).

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