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How To Write an Expository Essay: Step By Step (2021 Guide)

What Is An Expository Essay?

In order to learn how to write an expository essay, let us first know what it is. An expository essay aims to describe or explain something. It provides a clear explanation of a particular idea. The purpose of it is not to prove a certain argument. Instead, they seek to give a neutral view about a particular topic.

Expository essays come in different formats. They can come as in class assignments, course assignments, or exam questions. Unlike other 5 paragraph essays, they take an objective approach. This also means that you should not provide your experiences or opinions. Instead, you focus on an informative explanation of your idea. If you need clarification on what is an expository essay, consult our experts.

Tips: How To Write An Expository Essay

Like other essays, writing expository essays is a process. It thus involves several steps. Below, we provide a guide on how to write it.

Understand your essay

To write an expository essay, you must firstly understand it. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this essay? Think about the reason you are writing it.  Then, think about the audience. So, who will read your essay? For example, is it your instructor? If yes, what do they expect? Read through the instructions. This will also help identify what you need to include in the essay.

You must also know the type of expository essay you need to write. We have several types. Some of these include;

  • Cause and effect essay. Here, you explain the causes of something. Then, you explain the possible effects.
  • Definition essay. Definition essays describe a topic. The answer is also based on the author’s opinions as well as the available literature.
  • Classification essay. This essay requires breaking down the topic. Then, you explain the categories to explore the topic.
  • Process essay. In process essays, you provide a step by step process of something. Therefore, your reader should be able to follow your steps. Cheap essay writings service can help determine your essay type.
Select your topic

Has your teacher assigned you a topic? No? Then you need to select one. So, make a list of about five topics. Research about these topics. From the five topics, then choose the most appropriate. This is the topic you are most interested in. Remember, a topic with enough sources.

A topic that is related to your question. If selecting a topic is a problem, you shouldn’t worry. Many students seek help in selecting a list of good topics. Online expository essay writers can also help you. Professional writers will help you identify a custom topic.


Do you need research to write an expository essay? Yes. You need to research your topic. This will help you identify quality content for the essay. While researching, you must find reliable sources. Not every source of information is trustworthy.

For academic papers, you must use scholarly sources. These may include academic books, peer-reviewed journals, and scholarly articles. We can help you locate reliable sources faster. Essay writing service is always available at a cheap price.

After finding good sources, read through them. Highlight any important information. Using this information, develop your main argument. Many students find this a bit difficult. This is the reason they keep asking how to write an expository essay. In case of any problem, consult our experts online.

Write an expository essay outline

Your thesis statement and research notes will help you write an outline. But, before this, determine the structure of your essay.

Essay structure

Do want to know about the expository essay structure? Don’t worry. This is a common question among students. It is very important to know how to structure an essay. This is because an essay structure carries some points. So, if you get your structure right, you gain some points.

Again, the proper structure ensures that you write an essay with a logical flow. This means getting some more points. To learn more about expository essay structure, contact online essay writers. But before that, let us learn how to structure your essay.

A standard expository essay will have 5 paragraphs. This is common for most essays.

  • Firstly, the first paragraph is the introduction. It introduces the reader to your topic and thesis.
  • Secondly, the next three paragraphs are the body paragraphs. This is where you discuss your topic in depth.
  • Thirdly, the last paragraph is the expository essay conclusion.

But not all expository essays will have 5 paragraphs. Longer essays may have more body paragraphs. If you are not sure, clarify with your instructor. Expository essay writers can also help determine your essay structure.

Use this structure to write your outline.

  • Draft your expository essay

Now you are ready to write an expository essay.

Firstly, write your introduction. Then introduce the reader to your topic. Use the information that will grab the attention of the reader. Then, provide some background information. Lastly, provide your main argument.

Your introduction paragraph should be clear enough. By just reading it, the reader should know what your essay addresses. For a custom introduction, consult cheap essay writers.

Secondly, write your body paragraphs. In your structure, you determined the number of paragraphs your essay needs. If it’s a 5-paragraph essay, you need three body paragraphs. In each of these paragraphs, discuss one supporting idea. Like in any other essay, each paragraph should start with the main idea.

Thirdly, this should be followed by a discussion of this idea. Connect this idea to your thesis. Then, conclude your paragraph. Follow this format for every body paragraph. This is important when you need to write an expository essay effectively.

Lastly, write the conclusion paragraph. Here, you should remind your reader of your main idea. Summarize your supporting ideas. Show how these ideas connect to your thesis. Finally, conclude your essay. Don’t forget to polish your essay.

Tips For Writing a Great Expository Essay

Here are some tips for a great expository essay from our professional writers;

  1. Ensure that your essay is clear. Don’t confuse your reader. Use simple but formal words. Slangs will not make your essay ‘cool’. Clarity is very important in academic papers.
  2. Avoid the use of ‘I’. Instead, use third-person pronouns. But your instructor may require that you use ‘I’. Seek clarification first.
  3. Construct a strong thesis. A thesis is important when structuring your essay. This may be a difficult task. Luckily essay writing service is available at an affordable price. Don’t be stuck with your thesis statement. Let professionals do their work.
  4. Write a killer introduction. This is a good way of gaining better grades.
  5. Make use of transition words. When moving from one paragraph to the other, use transition words. This will give your essay a smooth flow.
  6. Cite all sources. Cite every source you use in your essay. If you have problems with citations, consult experts. Remember to use reliable sources to support your topic.

Expository Essay Help

We have provided a guide on how to write an expository essay step by step. With this information, you can an expository essay more easily. In case of any problem, we have professional writers to help you. You just need to contact our support team. All the best with your studies.

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