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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example, Outline & Ideas

Get knowledge on how to write rhetorical analysis essay, through our example and outline you will find it to be an easy task to you.

What Is a Rhetorical Analysis?

As a student, you are more likely to write a rhetorical analysis essay. However, it is common to find that some still struggle with writing a good one. Of course, students would take more time drafting it because of many challenges. To understand that, we must know what it means.

  • A rhetorical analysis is a writing format that divides a non fictional piece into different parts. It then goes on to explain in details how every part fits into one another.
  • It is an in depth study of a given essay in need of analysis before dividing it into parts that can be shown at a glance.

Now that you know what it is, we can now talk of a rhetorical analysis essay. In simple terms, it is when you look at how a writer uses words to influence the audience and make a decision whether they succeeded or not.

The Normal Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

  • Choose a non fictional story

Firstly, select one especially if it is not given. There are a lot of non fictional stories available. After getting the book, you need to get more information to create an essay.

  • Write the introduction

Introduction plays an important role in any paper. A poorly done one affects the balance of the whole essay. Therefore, it is important to make sure there is a flow of information  in the introduction section. It should provide a hint of what needs to be discussed in the whole paper.

  • Body paragraphs

After the introduction, the next thing is putting together paragraphs. In this, the most important issue is the flow of the paragraphs. The ideas should connect to have a good essay. Also, there must be supporting points for every idea raised.

  • Concluding remarks

There must be a concluding paragraph at the end of the essay. Like introduction, conclusion is also important because it gives summary of the paper. This part should major on bringing all points together and ending them.

The following is a sample that you can go through and understand more about it.

Rhetorical Essay Analysis Of The Death of Honesty by Damon


Honesty is a part of moral character that grows good values like truthfulness, kindness, discipline, and many more. It is important for an individual to be honest with himself as well as others. However, people find it hard to have honesty. Being honest is one of the greatest assets in any relationship. In his book “The Death of Honesty,” Damon talks about the rising threat to democracy, which is raised by the low honesty in the society (Damon, 2012). He says that lying and not being honest are bad to the society. In this case, he talks of areas like politics, journalism, law, and business where it is more practiced and accepted in the society. Therefore, with the help of interesting and real examples, he convinces the readers to believe that faiure to be honest will be the downfall of the society.

Point one

First of all, Damon uses logos to persuade the audience about the value of honesty in the society. In this, he uses reasoning to gain the approval of the audience. He starts by accepting that there is no civilization that can allow dishonesty, particularly in lies expressed through communication. Based on this, Damon says that everyone has the role of accepting honest ways for the wellbeing of the society. He supports this by using the Roman goddess, Abe Lincoln, and the Old Testament in Christianity as some of the ways of honesty (Damon, 2012). Also, Damon has a view that politicians, journalists, business players, and many more are usually not honest in their actions. He also talks of the rot in learning institutions where educators support cheating among learners.

Point two

Second, Damon uses an intrinsic approach to engage the minds of the audience throughout the book. The choice of words is calculated in what seems to be efforts to paint the audience as honest in order to talk about lack of it in the society. Damon begins by accepting that this is a common practice for most people in the society and discussing the reasons why it is very easy for some people to be lacking in it (Damon, 2012). He addresses the culture of impunity in schools where students are intimidated for being truthful and for reporting the same in education. This indicates that people believe that success is a product of a series of previous lies.

Point three

Third, Damon majors on ethos to let the audience see society from his point of view. He uses quotes as well as examples from known sources to support his thoughts. This is shown when Damon talks of lack of honesty in schools. In this case, he quotes important evidence from researchers to support his views. For example, Damon quotes a study that posits “one hundred and seventy eight teachers along with principles of nearly half of the system’s school facilitated learners who were cheating on their examination (Damon, 2012).” He talks about two sides by citing lack of honesty among students and blaming educators for being immoral by giving learners hard assignments. He tells the audience how it is being normalized.


Honesty is an important virtue in the society. However, many people do not have it. The absence of honesty shows the rot in the society. To explain this, Damon uses different ways to convince the audience to connect with his view of the its effects. Damon uses logos and ethos to persuade people to support his views. He majors in examples where people not being honest to link with the emotions of the audience. Based on this, he succeeds in making the audience wonder about the future of honesty in the society.

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