Compare the immigration policies of two different countries

Millions of immigrants knock into different countries across the world. Indeed, there are several reasons why people seek to migrate to a foreign land. Compare the immigration policies between Canada and Japan First, political unrest and war push people into a foreign land. Second, good education and quality healthcare attract people into developed countries. Third, […]

Is it true that students learn better in a same-sex school?

Same-sex schools come with many benefits that make learning better. The major advantage is the reduction of distractions. Students in same-sex schools enjoy a favorable learning environment. Also, single-sex schools cater to gender needs enabling students to learn better. In this article, we discuss the reasons why students learn better in same-sex schools. The same-sex […]

How universities are becoming business-driven

Decades ago, the focus of universities was on education. Today things are different. Universities are now more focused on attracting customers. From learning institutions to businesses The job of a university to impart knowledge and help students apply this knowledge. This is why for decades universities have focused on educating students. But this seems to […]

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