Herein Are Our Terms and Conditions

Our identity is defined by our dependable ability to provide a connection between experienced writers to our clients. We make this possible through this virtual educational website where ensure quality cheap essay service delivery by our dedicated writers and disbursement to writers by the esteemed customers. Our work therefore is to create a secure environment for clients to engage the writers with the specific abilities that match their job’s preferences and budget, due dates, novelty among other requirements.

How it Works

Once you log in to the site or start using its contents, by submitting or making a request, or committing a financial obligating, you are considered to have read, understood and consented the terms and conditions of the service. Should you, by any means fail to accord to them, then you are hereby advised not to consume or access these services.

Our writers are consultants who are also allowed to own an account. They can only take additional orders upon completion of all the tasks assigned. Our clients are advised to strictly follow the stipulated request procedures when making an order. Our writers will view and accept them. Once they do, they assume the obligation of ensuring high level of quality, timeliness and any other requirements in line with the dictates of the order paper. If you want to read a summary of the procedure, click here

When the work is completed, submitted and payment done by the client, the responsibility shifts from the writer to the client. Customers are also advised to avail their valid contact information for easier communication, for example, phone number and/ email address. Please note that giving an untrue contact information goes contrary to these terms and conditions.

We declare that we may include certain tradeoffs in the service. This includes but not limited to updates and pronouncements.

The writers are responsible for directly contacting the clients, getting the correct information on the job to be done and sealing the deal. Once this is done, the customer deposits the money agreed upon with us in our website.

Our writers and dedicated Support Team take responsibility of information structure to make periodical and important updates concerning the activity. These updates could be inquires, concerns or directives which we advise that you check your inbox and address them amicably and in good time.

Any dealings behind the administration’s knowledge is highly forbidden. Our clients are advised to follow the right channel laid down by the system. Should you ignore this and go ahead to engage in such, we shall obstruct such malicious expressions and they won’t be visible to the writer. If caught engaging in such activities behind our backs, we shall bare no liability that may arise from it including but not limited to loss of money, poor quality or delays. We shall treat it as a deliberate means a scamming the administration.

After the placement of an order, we make it possible for both the writer and the customer to keep tab of its progress. The administration is also in constant check of the work progress.

When a content data documents are sent or submitted from our services, this automatically consents us, our associates, partners and delegates worldwide to utilize, store, posses, reproduce and make subsidiary works.

Conveyance and Copyright

We shall not be liable or held responsible for any transferal issues that are caused by other organizations or other service providers who are beyond our control or influence. This include emails, internet, poor connectivity et cetera. However, our support team shall be available any time any day to provide any necessary support you may need.

Our writers shall only use your details on the products that you ordered. You shall assume full copyright of the product upon conveyance. In any case you find out that the writer fails to incorporate your details as far as the copyright is concerned, you will have the authority to dismiss the job as well as the payment. Upon conveyance, you’ll have a seven (7) business days’ window to raise any correction or amendment.

Our partners and we shall not be responsible for any risk that might arise may arise directly from our writers. This includes any other illegal misappropriation of documents and information. Once the client releases money to the system, we consider this as a sign of satisfaction thus bringing the deal to closure.

Should our writer discover that the citations required for your work are not open sourced, scarce or not in the public domain, you bare the obligation to provide them at the very time that you place your order. Failure to do that shall amount to the breach of these terms and conditions and we shall pursue any available means to address the breach which is but not limited to rejecting your order request and or rejecting your amendments request.

 Payment, Taxation and Chargeback

We do not charge you for submitting your assignment or project. Subsidizing is recommended after you accept the author’s offer. You will be required to make full payment after the work is completed, submitted and acknowledged. By so doing, it is assumed that the job has met your required standards and that you are fully satisfied with it.

Upon completing the submission of the request, you are given two (2) days to raise any amendment or corrections with us. At the elapse of this period, we shall send a reminder email for you to make the full payment. Should you fail to alert us of any issue regarding the request, the money shall be sent automatically to our writer via the automated payment platform on the fourth day hence the refund shall be impossible afterwards.

Should you opt out of our services, we shall regrettably arrange for refund and pull back and withdrawal of the subsequent funds under your records upon request. This request should be made within a year from the last order date. In an event that you utilize all the cash from your parity after we had received the demand from you, we bare the authority to dismiss your demand and finish off the voucher. In an event that you reconsider the demand and the money had already come back to your parity, we have the full authority to look into the matter that prompted the withdrawal and deal with it from our end. And in an event where the demand reaches us and the funds has not been utilized, we shall discount it within three to ten (3-10) days.

If the account remains inactive for six months from the last day when the last order was delivered, all the idle money in it shall be transferred to our account for the reason of meeting the operating cost.

We shall completely comply with any directive by any authorized third party i.e financial institutions or card issuers directing us to process a chargeback. You accept and agree that we shall be within the law to recover reversals, refunds chargebacks that may be levied on us by the payment product issuing body or the third parties of funds you receive from the website from our writers.

You consent that we may reverse such kind of payments made to you which are subject to the instructions from your card issuer or third parties. Should you start off a chargeback process with the third party, you automatically consent to us to release all the relevant information in relation to this terms and conditions in order to comply with the chargeback request procedures or to defeat such requests.

You agree to carry any regulatory or administrative expenses within your area or residency. Such include relevant advertisement fees or any other additional expense from us. You agree to honor your responsibilities under the payment procedures.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy outlines the procedure through which our clients can be refunded. All our esteemed customers are advised to read and understand the policy before making an order. Upon the placement of the first order, you confirm that you have read and understood these policies. We shall only reimburse under the following conditions:

  • If the work delivered by us records 30 percent and above plagiarism.
  • Failure to beat the deadline hence late submission by us.

The above conditions must be proved beyond reasonable doubt before the refunds are made and should not include the works that are older than 30 days.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that upon strict adherence to the refund policies above, proof of reason for the refund and upon completion of investigation to unearth the course for disappointment, we shall have the obligation to make refund. However, it is important to note that each case is unique and shall be treated with without any contempt whatsoever.

Once you make a refund request, your order is immediately put “Under Investigation,” then our Quality Assurance team shall pick it up. Their job is to investigate and find the reasons for the disappointment that prompted the refund request. Upon their investigation and assessment of the paper, they shall refund the amount equivalent to the sum percentage of the incorrect contents. Please note the no refund or discount requests shall be considered if filed beyond the refund period.

Consumer Data Privacy Policy

We keep all sensitive personal information safe and secure with utmost discrete policy. We limit their access to authorized personnel only. We do not ask for your account details. We shall not in any way disclose your personal account information to any person or entity except its Aquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in compliance with a valid authority’s demand.

Delivery policy

We shall deliver all jobs via emails or any other electronic data transfer platform.

Click to Accept Acknowledgement

By clicking the acknowledgement of these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read and understood them and shall strictly adhere to its dictates and the Refund, Cancellation and Return policies.

The following Cases will attract 100% refund

  • Before the order is assigned to a writer after the placement, usually with fifteen minutes.
  • Accidental double payment for a single order.
  • Late submission by us. We will make 100% refund and assume the right to make any use of the work as ours.
  • If the work does not conform to the instructions as stipulated during the order placement.
  • If the plagiarism level exceeds 20%. This must be proved by the Turnitin report or any other legitimate plagiarism check software.

Partial Payments as follows:

  • Up to 70%: If the client cancels an order which had already been assigned to the writer before the elapse of half the expected deadline
  • Up to 50%: When the order is already in progress and it is cancelled after elapse of a half the time of the expected deadline.
  • Up to 70%: Upon late submission by as but you still want to use the paper.
  • Up to 70%: Dissatisfaction of the quality of the job.
  • Up to 70%: Failure of the writer to follow the initial instructions but you still wish to use the paper.
  • Up to 70%: Late delivery by the writer but you downloaded the assignment.

We shall not Refund in in an event of the Following Cases.

  • Failure to download the job despite a well-timed delivery.
  • If the university catches you using our products.
  • Failure to prove the conditions stated in the refund policy.

Cancellation Policy

The company reserves the right to cancel an order in the following scenarios:

  • If the company sensed an illegal usage of the paper
  • If the student fails to offset the arrears.
  • If the client violates the terms and conditions
  • If we discover that we cannot complete the job within the said deadline.

Service Delivery

Our services shall be delivered according the prevailing terms, your instructions, nature of the job and the timing.

  Disclaimer / No Warranty.

We do not offer any form of express warranty whatsoever. This is because our services are delivered on “AS MAY BE” basis. The company therefore bares no liability that may arise from damage, loss or scamming activities that may arise from an illegal access to our very secure servers.

Dispute Resolution

Should there be any other legal or authentication of this declaration, it should be founded within the jurisdiction of the courts of the USA.